Are you ready to take control of your business? It’s time to hire a virtual assistant and get some task management support!

At your service!

Step out of the role of operations manager…

…and back into the role of business owner!

You’ve got big dreams and big ideas — and I want to help you make them happen! 

But, it’s hard to do that when you’re stuck in the day-to-day. You know you probably should pass the task management off to someone else, but you want to make sure that someone else GETS your business. 

That’s where I come in! I know the importance of deadlines, time management, attention to detail, and organization — all things needed to support you as you do your best work.

And you won’t just get someone who checks boxes on your to-do list. You’ll have someone at your side, walking with you through the mundane, helping triage what needs to be done, and who treats your business like their own.  

Think of me like your own personal wing woman, there to help whenever you need it!

Marketing Content*

Client Projects 

Daily Operations

Inboxes & Emails

*emails, social media, and more!

Operations and task management to help organize your:

Selecting, organizing, and mailing client gifts

Transitioning email marketing platforms

Building out system automations

 Lingering projects I can tackle for you…

Think about those tasks sitting at the bottom of your to-do list. You know…the ones that have been sitting there FOREVER? The ones you keep pushing to next week’s list, then pretending like you don’t see them when next week comes around? 

Yep — I can help with those too!




Let’s talk software

So you’re interested in hiring me as a virtual assistant to help with task management…but you’re not sure that I can integrate my services with the platforms and softwares you’re using. No problem — take a look at what I frequently use (for me AND my clients) below!

Not seeing your software above? The good news is that I’m always learning new things, so no matter what your preferred tool may be, we can make your systems flow!

Not sure what you need? I can also recommend tools based on whatever is on your plate. 





10 hours per Month

20 hours per month

30 hours per Month

Overwhelmed and just need a little bit of extra support? I got you! This package is great for helping you with daily maintenance — think inbox management, social media scheduling, or client communications. 

Perfect if you need help beyond the day-to-day. Get all the features of package one plus a creative helping hand in optimizing systems and software. 

If you have lots of ideas but don't know how to implement them, let’s talk! We'll develop an action plan to help you stay on track — and I'll offer you the support you need to get it all done (on time 😉).

per month

per month

per month

Hourly rate: $45 - Perfect for one-off projects or help during launches!

custom packages available by request

She made everything run smoother.

"When Erin came on my team, I was scrambling to get things organized, both internally and with clients. Erin stepped up, took on things without a ton of direction, and helped make everything run much smoother. From scheduling social to even doing research on content for my brand, she's helped so much. She is also one of the few people I'll trust with client communications and assets, because I know she cares as much as I do!"

- Latasha Doyle, uncanny content & Uncanny Unedited



Erin is the real deal!

"If you've ever wanted a unicorn that is detail-oriented, thoughtful, kind, and constantly asking and looking for tasks that she can knock out for me, Erin is it. I genuinely cannot see my business without Erin in it now that she's a part of our team."




Erin does it all!

“Before I started working with Erin, I was constantly bogged down in all of the admin work for my business. With only a limited numbers of hours available to work each week, I need to make every minute count. When Erin joined my team, she quickly and easily took things off my plate. From restructuring my inbox to rescheduling client calls, prepping speaking materials and supporting nearly every aspect of my business - Erin does it all! “

- anna dearmon kornick,
It's about time



You can trust Erin!

“Erin is a dream to work with. She's an amazing communicator which is so important when you're working remotely. If she's unsure of something, needs clarity, or needs to push me to get something done - I never have to worry about things getting 'lost in translation.' You can TRUST Erin with the back end of your business as she cares as much about the work that you're doing as you do.”

- jessica rasdall, speak to scale



Cheerleader for our business!

"Bringing Erin onto our team was a seamless transition. She got up to speed quickly and jumped right in as needed. Plus, she isn't afraid to ask for clarification, as needed (such an important quality!). I highly recommend her to anyone looking for an empathetic, detail-oriented, and go-getter for their team."

- carley schweet, Hello postpartum



Erin has been amazing! 

"She's consistent, communicates well, and delivers exceptional work. Her proactive approach and attention to detail make my life easier. I appreciate her ability to get my client projects started, and I couldn't ask for a better VA."

- Nicole Boucher



You won't be disappointed! 

"Erin has been invaluable to the growth of my business. She is a problem-solver and always ready to lend a hand. She is super motivated, follows instructions extremely well, and is a wiz at social media engagement and scheduling. I highly recommend her services — you won’t be disappointed!"

- Nicole Ialeggio



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