Hi, I'm Erin, your wing-woman for all those tasks slowing you down. 

I help businesses ditch those time-sucking tasks and get back to what they love doing most. 

It's hard to grow when your to-do list keeps getting bigger with no end in sight. If you feel like you're spending more time with daily operations than crafting your passion, then it's time to hire help! I'll take you from feeling overwhelmed and overworked to excited for Mondays. A virtual assistant can help you place boundaries between your personal and professional life, giving you time to get inspired again. 

Say buh-bye to burn out and hello to free time!





Need an online presence? I'll help you come up with fun and engaging content on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest (copy and graphics not included).

I'll schedule your content ahead of time so you can get ahead of the game. No more last minute anything.

Time spent on daily operations adds up fast - get help with systems, project management, and more.

Whether on social media or client outreach, I'm there to support you as you build connections.

She made everything run smoother.

"When Erin came on my team, I was scrambling to get things organized, both internally and with clients. Erin stepped up, took on things without a ton of direction, and helped make everything run much smoother. From scheduling social to even doing research on content for my brand, she's helped so much. She is also one of the few people I'll trust with client communications and assets, because I know she cares as much as I do!"

- Latasha Doyle, Owner of Uncanny Content Co



Erin is the real deal!

"If you've ever wanted a unicorn that is detail-oriented, thoughtful, kind, and constantly asking and looking for tasks that she can knock out for me, Erin is it. I genuinely cannot see my business without Erin in it now that she's a part of our team."

- Madison Brown, Owner of Madison Dearly Bookkeeping



You won't be disappointed! 

"Erin has been invaluable to the growth of my business. She is a problem-solver and always ready to lend a hand. She is super motivated, follows instructions extremely well, and is a wiz at social media engagement and scheduling. I highly recommend her services — you won’t be disappointed!"

- Nicole Ialeggio, Owner of NIC



Erin has been amazing! 

"She's consistent, communicates well, and delivers exceptional work. Her proactive approach and attention to detail make my life easier. I appreciate her ability to get my client projects started, and I couldn't ask for a better VA."

- Nicole Boucher, Owner of Nicole Boucher LLC



Erin's commitment to repeatable process is indispensable.

As someone who tends to throw it together in the moment and clean up the mess later - and let's be honest, when do we ever have that time?? - Erin's help in clarifying process and repeatable tasks has been worth its weight in gold. If you're on the fence about hiring a VA, save yourself the hemming and hawwing and just hire Erin already.

- Megan Dowd, owner of withmegandowd.com & c0-Founder of Hello CEO



Erin is wonderful to work with! 

"We were struggling trying to build our own website and save some $$$. However, I quickly realized that, while I was technologically savvy, I was not creatively savvy. After months of dragging my feet, I asked Erin to step in and take the reins. She had our company's website up in DAYS and it looks beautiful. So glad we went with Circle E Studios.  I couldn't be happier. Highly recommend!"

- Clint Rutherford, Founding Partner of KRB Partners, LLC



As a small business owner, it's easy to fall into the trap of doing it all yourself. That just leaves you with less free time and more headache, something you probably wanted to avoid by starting your entrepreneurship journey in the first place. I'm a former corporate-world employee with a background in marketing and management who is ready to help support your business in a number of areas. 

The bottom line is...if you're running a business, you need help.

Here's a little bit more about why I started Circle E Studios

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